I'm part of a lot of stuff.

Executive Director @ TechHacks

Weston Research Scholar @ BTHS

NASA Research Intern @ GISS

Organizing hackathons
since '17

Serving as the president and founder of hackScholars from 2017-2018 and then becoming executive director and founder at TechHacks, hackathons and teaching others to code is in my blood. I am also the director of sponorships at BlockchainsForSchools, an organization I was brought into through a TechHacks partnership that I issued.

NASA Intern
at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies

Collect, analyze, and create data using orbital satellites, specifically Landsat 8 and MODIS Aqua and Terra, to better understand the Urban Heat Island effect in cities.

CubeSAT and Space Technologies President
at NYC Aerospace

Direct and lead efforts to build and send CubeSAT satellites into space with several high schools in the East Coast.